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How do I hire a service using OneBook?

OneBook allows you to hire various mobile service professionals from your surrounding area in two ways: 1. Search for professionals near you for the specific service you need. From a list or map, filter and compare pros based on ratings, reviews, trip costs, experience and more. See availability and hire the pro at your discretion. 2. Post a want based on the specific service you are looking for and receive bids from qualified professionals. Compare pros based on ratings, reviews, trip costs, experience and more. Hire the best pro for the job based on mutual availability.

Why should I use Onebook?

You’re already facing an inconvenience that requires the use of a service professional. You might as well let us take care of the hassle of finding this person. Through Onebook, you won’t have to make any unnecessary phone calls only to hear that “nobody is available.” You will see who is available, along with their full schedule, skills, expertise, and more. We’re making it so that YOU the power of coming up with a convenient, timely, well-informed decision about who you want working in your home.

How will I know that a OneBook service professional is trustworthy?

Each service professional goes through an extensive qualification process: 1. Phone Interview to discuss business employment or independent contractor requirements. 2. Background check for individual and business. 3. Face to Face interview. It will be required that all of our service providers’ credentials be kept up to date, otherwise they will no longer be able to work with Onebook.